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Know your ayurvedic body type by reading about vata pitta and kapha doshas in detail

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Understand & Managment Of PMS In Ayurveda

Understanding & Management Of PMS With Ayurveda, Common Precautions and Home Remedies, How to make Castor Oil Hot Packs? #ayurveda #ayurvedalife #premenstrualsyndrom #pms #honeyfurforher

Naagdon/Nagdon Plant Benefits, Properties, Uses & Side Effects

Naagdon / Nagdon Plant Benefits, Properties, Uses & Side Effects, Euphorbia tithymaloides Benefits For Piles, Bleeding Disorders

Top 10 Yoga Poses & Pranayamas For Boosting Immunity

Top 10 Yoga Poses & Pranayamas For Boosting Immunity, Yoga For Immunity & Strength #yoga #ayurveda #honeyfurforher

Common Abbreviations Used In Ayurvedic Texts Shlokas

Common Abbreviations Used In Ayurveda, Ayurvedic texts, shlokas #ayurveda #ayurvedalife #literature #honeyfurforher

Ushapan Method, Benefits & Side Effects In Ayurveda

Ushapan Method, Benefits & Side Effects In Ayurveda, Drinking Water From Copper Utensil Benefits According To Ayurveda

Nagarjuna Psoria Oil Benefits For Psoriasis & Side Effects

Nagarjuna Psoria Oil Benefits For Psoriasis, Skin Dieseases, Infections, Candida, Yeast Infections, Hair Fall, Dandruff, Side Effects

Charoli / Chironji (Buchanania Lanzan) Ayurvedic Benefits & Side Effects

Known as Priyala in Ayurveda, Chironji is an almond kind of nut which grows on Buchanania lanzan, a deciduous tree. The tree produces small...

What Is Tri Marma & Marma Chikitsa In Ayurveda?

Trimarma means three-marmas. Marmas are exposed weak sensitive or vulnerable parts of body as per Ayurveda which are vital for the constitution of a...

Koshtha Pareeksha And Its Importance In Ayurveda

Koshţha Pareeksha (kosta assessment) essentially means “Examination of Cavities or spaces”. Kostha means space or room while Pareeksha means examination. Body cavities contain crucial...

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