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Uses, Benefits, Side Effects & Ingredients Of Karpooradi Thailam / Oil


Karpooradi Thailam / Oil, also known as Karpuradi Thailam obtains its name from Kapoor (Camphor) which is its main ingredient. It is an Ayurvedic massage oil by Kerala Ayurveda, used for the treatment of muscle pain and cramps, arthritic joint pain. Its main use is pain relief for swelling, inflammation and almost all kinds of body pains and stiffness. It is prepared in the base of sesame oil or coconut oil.

Uses and Benefits of Karpooradi Thailam

Karpooradi thailam is used for treated all kinds of Vata disorders like muscular pain, arthritis, rheumatoid complaints, inflammations, sprains in neck and ankles. It is also useful in problems like fibromyalgia, blunt injuries, leg pain, numbness, neuralgia and gout. It is especially useful for back pain. It also relieves joint stiffness and pain.

It is an excellent remedy for arthritis pain of all kinds. It can be applied to swollen and inflamed muscles and joints to relieve pain. It is known to have a rubefacient effect. It improves blood circulation and gives warmth to the joints and muscles.

When applied on the chest, it provides warmth and relieves congestion.

Karpooradi Thailam is an analgesic, anaesthetic, fungicide (destroys fungus) and anti-inflammatory.


Sesame Oil or Coconut Oil

Cinnamomum Camphora Karpooram

Trachyspermum Ammi Ajamoda

Side Effects

Due to its main ingredient being camphor, keep it away from children’s reach as camphor ingestion can be fatal to young children. Camphor ingestion in large amounts can be toxic to even adults and cause nausea, confusion, headache, delirium, excitement, and unconsciousness.

Camphor can also induce skin irritation and allergy so discontinue use if irritation is experienced or hypersensitivity occurs.

Do not apply on damaged or burned skin.

Storage & Expiry date

3 years from the date of manufacture. It is recommended to use within a year after opening the bottle seal. It needs to be stored away from sun and heat at about 20-25 degree Celcius.


Kerala Ayurveda

Kairali Products

Arya Vaidya Shala Kottakkal



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Uses, Benefits, Side Effects & Ingredients Of Karpooradi Thailam / Oil
Uses, Benefits, Side Effects & Ingredients Of Karpooradi Thailam / Oil
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