Brihati / Solanum Indicum: Ayurvedic Herb For Overall Wellbeing

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Medical Reviewer: Dr Surabhi Rawat Mom would always tell me that I had a penchant for getting out of difficult situations. Be it getting home late or skipping on that dal chawal (rice and lentils) that was served at our cosy dining table. Regardless of those things, I know one thing that I can always … Read more

Agastya (Sesbania Grandiflora) – Uses, Benefits, Properties & Side Effects

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Ever heard of sage Agastya? He is one of the seven rishis (Saptarishi) mentioned in the Vedas. Commonly known as Vegetable Humming Bird in English, the Agastya (Sanskrit name) plant derives its name from rishi Agastya. One of the theories states that rishi Agastya, also considered as the father of the Siddha system of medicine … Read more

Harsingar Plant/Parijat (Night Jasmine) – Benefits, Uses And Side Effects

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Harsingar’s origins in mythology are as interesting as its diverse medicinal values. As far as history goes, it is said that this ‘heavenly’ plant was brought to Earth by Lord Krishna after extensively searching for it in the ocean (Samudra). Owing to its intense fragrance and beautiful physical characteristics, Krishna’s wives – Rukmini and Satyabhama … Read more

Arvindasava: The Best Therapeutic Tonic For Children: Uses, Benefits, & Side-Effects

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There’s no doubt that growing children experience physical growth and mind-enhancing milestones much more frequently than adults. From improving their motor and language skills to enhancing their cognitive capabilities and ensuring physical endurance, a child’s nutrition plays a big part in every stage of development. Needless to say, exposing children to allopathic medicines to makeup … Read more