Agaru / Agarwood Plant And Oil Benefits & Side Effects

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Agaru plant grows as a tree replete with wonderful fragrance. Being used as an aromatic plant since ancient times, the tree along with other aromatic plants has been termed as ‘spirit of life’ in the Vedas. In seventeenth century the bark of the Agaru tree was used to pen down the great epic of Ramayana. … Read more

Ashwagandha (Withania Somnifera): Ultimate Herb For Stress, Insomnia, Strength & Immunity

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Ashwagandha is one of the most well-known herbs in the traditional Ayurvedic medicine system. Known as Ashwagandha in Sanskrit, its name literally means the horse’s (Ashwa) smell (gandha). This name is attributed to its roots which smell like a horse’s urine. It is also said that the herb has the ability to provide vitality like that … Read more

Kaunch Beej (Magic Velvet Bean): Ayurvedic Aphrodisiac & Immunity Builder

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  Ever heard of the magic velvet bean? Possessing the botanical name – Mucuna pruriens, Kaunch beej is often translated into ‘magic velvet bean.’ Kaunch beej is obtained from the Kapakacchu herb which is a tropical plant that majorly grows in Asia and Africa. Known by other names like Cowhage in English and Kevach in … Read more

Top 7 Strengthening Asanas In Yoga For Back Pain Of All Kinds

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Backache is a common problem whether you are a couch potato or an athlete. But definitely our sedentary lifestyle coupled with easy availability of painkillers has accentuated the issue. If you too are one of the sufferers, yoga is the way to go. Annals of Internal Medicine even published a research in 2017 claiming that … Read more

What Is Ashtanga Yoga & Is It Right For You?: Benefits & Side Effects, Precautions

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  Yoga, as we all know, is the ancient practice of balancing physical and mental health and elevating the spiritual level, originally developed by sage Patanjali. As Yoga spread from the Indian subcontinent to other parts of the world, it was moulded according to the needs of the people. Ashtanga Yoga is one such modified … Read more

Narasimha Rasayanam For Strength, Immunity & Bones: Uses, Benefits, Side Effects

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Narasimha Rasayanam is an ayurvedic Rasayana or precisely an ayurvedic medicated product. With butter as a base product, it has a buttery or jam-like texture. The Rasayana is not only used for the treatment of many disorders but as a full body tonic or a dietary supplement for enhanced general well-being. It forms a major … Read more

Agastya (Sesbania Grandiflora) – Uses, Benefits, Properties & Side Effects

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Ever heard of sage Agastya? He is one of the seven rishis (Saptarishi) mentioned in the Vedas. Commonly known as Vegetable Humming Bird in English, the Agastya (Sanskrit name) plant derives its name from rishi Agastya. One of the theories states that rishi Agastya, also considered as the father of the Siddha system of medicine … Read more