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Pitta Body Type Characteristics Feature Image
In this post, I will discuss in details what Pitta Dosha is and Pitta Body Type Characteristics. If you are reading about Ayurvedic body types for the first time, I suggest reading the first article in this series which gives a brief about Ayurvedic classifications of body types and doshas. What is Pitta Dosha? Pitta is the energy of fire, heating,...
Amalki Rasayan Uses Benefits and Side Effects Feature Image
Amalki Rasayan is a classical ancient Ayurvedic medicine which has numerous health benefits due to its inherent rejuvenating nature. The preparation is beneficial for brain, eyes, heart, stomach, liver, skin and hair. It improves the functions and health of these organs.
Vata Body Type Characteristics Feature Image
I briefly mentioned in my post earlier about Vata Dosha and in this post, we will explore in depth what Vata Dosha comprises and what it means when we say a person is having a Vata body type or Vata personality.  What is Vata Dosha? Vata is the energy of movement. It is made from the combination of air and space...
Ayurvedic Body Types Feature Image
Have you ever wondered what makes you, you? How and why you look the same as everyone else but still are different? It is now scientifically proven, that if two similar individuals are kept under the same living conditions, given the same food, they will have a different effect on...

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