Ayurvedic Remedies & Medicines For Throat Infection

There is no one who hasn’t suffered from throat infections. Although common, these infections can really make one suffer if not treated on time. The treasure trove of Ayurveda contains many amazing herbal formulations that can be used to manage these infections in day to day life. But first lets find out why throat infection … Read more

How To Get Rid Of Bloating? Ayurveda Tips And Remedies

Occasionally, we experience major digestive disorders. But for most of us, it is a low-grade issue. There might be certain foods that we cannot handle or certain situations where we noticed that our digestion is just not working very well and mostly we are out of touch with what’s happening in our body, that we … Read more

Patanjali’s Eight Limbs Of Yoga

Patanjali yoga sutras by rishi Patanjali describes 8 aids to achieving the state of Yoga. The yoga sutras contain 4 padas (chapters) which deal with Samadhi, Sadhana (ways to achieve yoga), Vibhuti (powers that the yogi comes across in his journey)  and Kaivalya (absolution). The 8 limbs of yoga are described under the Sadhana pada. … Read more

Ayurvedic Abhyanga Oil Massage – DIY Recipes For Vata Pitta & Kapha

Abhyanga in Ayurveda means oil massage. It is suggested as both as a preventive modality in everyday life of a person as well as for treatment of diseases. Depending on the constitution of a person, different type of oils are brought in preferred usage. How it is performed? A generous amount of oil or medicated … Read more

Top 10 Beautiful Yoga & Meditation Quotes

Ancient indian texts are full of beautiful yoga and meditation related quotes. Below are a few that I loved. These are just not from ancient texts but some are also recited by great yogis and philosophers of the yogic tradition. #1. Yoga is the journey of the self through the self to the self – … Read more

Sona Patti / Sonamukhi Plant Ayurvedic Benefits & Side Effects

Sona Patti, literally translating to “Gold leaves”, is a rare medicinal flowering shrub, sometimes with a religious significance. Surely, everyone in India has definitely seen it or even held it in their hands without even realizing that they’re in the presence of Sona Patti. Well, what makes it so popular?  The very fact that it … Read more

Types Of Kapha (Kapha Subtypes) And Their Roles In Human Body

The word ‘kapha’ is the combination of ‘ka’ which means water and ‘pha’ which means flourishing. Kapha is that which is flourished by water component. Kapha dosha molecules are a combination of water and earth elements which give it the properties of heaviness, dull, slow, cold, oily, dense, soft, sticky, cloudy and smooth. Kapha is … Read more