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Eczema? Why Popping Pills is a bad Idea! – Eczema Home Remedy

I have had skin disease from the start of my adulthood. It would generally start as few small rashes on my feet near the big toe and on the fingers of my hands. Slowly it would start spreading and will spread in my whole foot and arms.

In the past few years, I made countless trips to famous skin doctors and dermatologists and all of them would always give me two things. Some pills and an ointment for itch relief when there is excessive itching but none of them was ever able to tell me what exactly was my disease and why it kept recurring? If you have one of the following symptoms, there is a high probability you might be suffering from Eczema

  1. You feel like you are Calliban (You know the guy who cannot go out in the sunlight in the movie Wolverine). You cannot go out in the sun without sunscreen. If you do, red rashes on your arms, feet, legs or even chest appear (wherever you exposed yourself to the sunlight).
  2. During the day, the eczema rashes don’t itch that much but, the itching becomes worse at night.

What is Eczema?

Eczema is a group of skin diseases that generally are linked to allergy and appear as red rashes, blisters, dry patches, and hardening of the skin in one particular area. If your skin is of a sensitive nature, any sort of irritant in the environment can make your skin flare-up producing red itchy rashes. These rashes can appear anywhere on the body but it is most common on arms, hands, feet, and face.

Below is an image of what an Eczema rash can look like

Eczema On Hands - Eczema Home Remedy
Eczema On Hands

Eczema Home Remedy – Main Known Eczema Causes:

  1. Environmental Irritants like pollution, UV rays.
  2. Too much sweating due to excess heat or humidity. People who sweat heavily are always exposed to increased chances of bacteria growth.
  3. Most important secret reason: STRESS. Eczema and Stress may not be directly related, but it plays a major role in creating an imbalance in the body’s energy system, which can manifest into skin disease. I will explain the body’s energy systems later in detail.
  4. Hormonal changes in women, like the menstrual cycle or pregnancy, can increase the symptoms of Eczema.
  5. Or it may simply flare up after exposure to some new drugs or chemicals- like new skincare products, cosmetics, new bed sheets or fabrics.

Eczema Treatment At Home – Home Remedies For Pitta On Skin – Eczema Home Remedy

From my personal experience, I can tell you how I got cured (to a large extent. Skin problems can never be cured completely unless you are willing to make some big dietary changes in your life. I have given some dietary guidelines in a section below).

Earlier in my article, I talked about how the doctors would give me some pills and ointments to cure my problem but it was always just a TEMPORARY solution.

So coming to the heading of this article. Why popping pills is not a good idea to cure skin problems? The pills and ointments used in our popular western medicine (Allopathy), largely focus on a 2-way approach:

  1. An Anti-allergic and
  2. A STEROID (which can treat nearly ANY disease temporarily by suppressing the body’s natural immune system and give an instant feeling of wellness).

Steroids are only used to suppress the skin irruptions. They do not eliminate your problem but just suppresses it to a level that you feel it is gone but as soon as there is another irritant, your skin will again flare-up. Also, prolonged use of steroids can make your immune system weak that can create a whole lot of trouble and can actually make you prone to many other diseases in the long run due to the resulting low resistance of the body to infections and irritants.

There is one thing that I can tell you for sure with my experience, that if you use steroids to decrease your skin eruptions, it will be gone for some time only to return and may even become more painful and irritating than the last time you had it.

So what is the solution? Have you heard about the herb Kutki/Katuki (Picrorhiza Kurrao). It is a powerful Ayurvedic herb used for treating chronic fevers and skin disorders, and diabetes. Katuki name comes from the Sanskrit word Katu which means bitter. It is bitter in taste, which makes it a bit difficult to consume (in the beginning) but it is a boon for skin diseases, diabetes and over 20 diseases related to the Liver.

Kutki / Katuki- Picrorhiza Kurrao - Eczema Home Remedy
Kutki / Katuki- Picrorhiza Kurrao

I will give you some basics of Ayurveda to explain the causes of eczema and most of the skin diseases occur. According to Ayurveda, there are three types of doshas in the human body which are known as vata, pitta, and kapha.

These doshas are defined by the imbalances of five elements in nature.

  • Vata is the Wind Energy that flows within your body. It comprises the air and space elements.
  • Pitta is the Fire Energy within your body. This comes from mainly the digestive system of where you find the digestive fire. It is the combination of Fire and Water elements.
  • Kapha is the Earth energy of your body. It comprises the cells, bones and the construction of the body. It is a combination of water and earth elements.

A balance of these three elements in a body maintains proper health and harmony. For those of you who want to understand the basics of Ayurveda Healing. Read more about it here.

The skin diseases are generally caused by the imbalance of Pitta variety of dosha. When the pitta (fire or heat) in the liver is increased, it creates an excess of an element called bile. If you look up the word bile on google, it says

“Bile is a bitter greenish-brown alkaline fluid which aids digestion and is secreted by the liver and stored in the gall bladder.”

Bile is a fluid that is produced in the liver and plays an essential role in the digestion of food. When it is produced in excess, it will create heat and toxins in the liver. These toxins move into the blood circulation when the blood passes through the liver.

When your skin is exposed to an irritant, the toxins and heat in the liver manifest into skin disease.

Kutki is cool in nature and instantly reduces the excess heat from the liver. It is cool because of the environment in which it grows. It grows in very high altitudes of the Himalayas where it absorbs the properties of cold weather.

Using this herb for just 5 days, dried out my eczema almost completely. It might take a bit longer for you depending on the state of to which eczema or dermatitis has advanced.

Here’s how to consume Kutki :

  • In the morning, as soon as you wake up, have a drink of water. Take a small piece (about half the size of your little finger) of kutki, and place it in the side of the mouth. Do not chew or swallow it. Keep it in your mouth for 1 hour during which juices of the herb will slowly be getting into your system. After 1 hour, just chew and swallow it. You can have water afterwards to help with the bitter taste.
  • Repeat the same method, in the evening. Just make sure, that you have not consumed anything for 2 hours before having Kutki.
  • If you have too much itching, I will link an Ayurvedic oil to reduce the itching. Apply it whenever you feel the itch. Beware it smells a little bit but is very beneficial for itching.

You can find Kutki online easily but you can only buy the raw version of the herb (as shown in the above image). Do not buy the powdered version as there is a high chance of adulteration.

For India, you can get it on Amazon here

For all other countries, get it on Amazon here

Ayurvedic oil for itch relief :

For India, you can get it on Amazon here

For other countries, you can get it on Amazon here

Additionally, Kutki will work best if one follows some dietary guidelines until eczema is in an active state. Eczema Diet:

  • Do not consume dry fruits (almonds, cashew nuts)
  • Eliminate the use of red chilly from your food.
  • Reduce the use of excess salt from your food.
  • Do not consume items that contain too much sweet. Too much sweet will increase the itching.
  • Avoid deep fried foods as much as possible.
  • Try to consume vegetarian food as all sorts of meats create excess heat in the body. It takes more than 24 hours for your body to digest meats while vegetarian food takes about 3 hours. The more difficult something is for digestion, the more the liver has to work.

If you generally experience a lot of stressful situations in your life, chances are your skin is paying for it too. Eczema and Stress sort of go hand in hand. I recommend meditating every day for at least 15 minutes to calm your mind and body. It will definitely reduce your symptoms.

Caution: If you are a patient of Diabetes, use in moderation (reduce the dosage to half) or take a regular measurement of your blood sugar as this herb is also very effective on Diabetes and helps in lowering blood sugar.

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Why Popping Pills is not a great idea for skin problems - Eczema Home Remedy

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