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Pinda Thailam Oil Feature Image

Uses & Benefits of Pinda Thailam / Oil

 Pinda thailam or Oil is a unique Ayurvedic medicated massage oil which is cooling in nature and reddish in color (due to one of its ingredients- Manjishtha). It has several uses...
Ayurvedic Oils For Beauty Feature Image.

3 Amazing Ayurvedic Oils For Skin Care For Radiant Skin

Ayurvedic Oils For Skin Care  I¬†grew up in the hills of Ladakh (India). It was...
Why Popping Pills Is A Bad Idead For Skin Diseases Feature Image

Eczema? Why Popping Pills is a bad Idea! – Eczema Home Remedy

I have had skin disease from the start of my adulthood. It would generally...

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