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Jeerakarishtam: The Best Digestion-Boosting Solution On The Planet: Uses, Benefits, & Side-Effects

Did you know that the majority of the body’s mood-boosting hormone - serotonin - is present in the stomach lining and not the head,...

Mukta Pishti (Moti Pishti): Uses, Benefits, Dosage, Ingredients And Side Effects

Moti Pishti (aka Mukta Pishti) and Mukta Pishti Bhasma are separate yet similar compounds made up...

Udumbara: The Blue Lotus Plant That’s Life-Affirming: Uses, Benefits, Side-Effects

"When Lord Vishnu manifested himself as Narasimha to protect Prahlada and destroy Hiranyakasyapa, his nails were drenched with poison as he tore the demon's...

Jatamansi: The “Wonder” Herb for Depression: Uses, Benefits, & Side-Effects

Did you know that an ancient Indian Ayurvedic herb has been mentioned in the Bible? Hint: It occurs when Mary of Bethany rubs Jesus’s...

Manjistha: The Ayurvedic Super-Herb that “Heals & Purifies”: Uses, Benefits, & Side-Effects

Ever heard of an Ayurvedic herb that's so famous and effective that it has been mentioned in all the three texts of Ayurveda: Charaka...

The Detoxifying Herb Nagarmotha: Uses, Benefits, Side-Effects

Some have nicknamed it as the "world's worst weed" but its multi-purpose, integrated benefits will leave you astounded. Whether you call it Nagarmotha (Hindi...

Kumaryasava – The Super Cure for Digestive & Menstrual Issues : Uses, Benefits, Side-Effects

Whether you call it Kumaryasavam, Kumari Asav, or Kumaryasava, you cannot ignore the multi-purpose benefits of this poly-herbal liquid decoction. Kumaryasava belongs to the...

Gambhari (Gmelina Arborea) – Uses, Properties, Benefits and Side Effects

Gambhari, also known as Gambhar / Kashmari is a medicinal plant that is found natively in...

Bhumi Amla (Bhumyamalaki) – An Amazing Liver And Kidney Tonic

Bhumi Amla Benefits, Bhumi Amla Plant, Bhumi Amla Side Effects, Bhumyamalaki Benefits, Bhumi Amla Juice, Bhumi Amla Powder #herbsforhealth #healthsupplements #naturalsupplements #ayurveda #ayurvedalife #honeyfurforher

Dasamoolarishtam – Uses, Benefits, Ingredients, Dosage and Side Effect

Dasamoolarishtam is a liquefied Ayurvedic medicine. It can be taken as a tonic to improve overall...

Lodhra (Symplocos Racemosa) Benefits, Uses, Properties and Side Effects

Lodhra (Sanskrit Name) or Symplocos Racemosa (Scientific/Latin Name), is a tree found in the northeastern hilly...

Ashwagandharishtam – Uses, Benefits, Ingredients, Dosage and Side Effects

‘Ashwagandha’ or Withania Somnifera is a very popular Ayurvedic herb that has also gained favour in...

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Amrit Dhara For Asthma, Loose Motion, Gas, Acidity And Digestive Health

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Kutajarishta: Ayurvedic Medicine For IBS And Colitis: Benefits & Side Effects

Kutajarishta Ayurvedic Medicine For IBS, Colitis, Diarrhoea, Worm Infestation, Uses, Benefits, Dosage, Ingredients, Side Effects
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