Kuth (Saussurea Costus) – A Boon For Digestive Health – Uses, Benefits, Side Effects

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  Costus(Kuth in Hindi) is a tall perennial herb which is known for its medicinal properties. Its stems are up to 2 m tall, or more. The lower leaves are long-stalked, pinnate, roughly around 30-40 cm long, with a triangular terminal leaflet, up to 30 cm long. The upper leaves are smaller, up to 30 … Read more

Acidity Causes, Precautions & Top Ayurvedic Remedies for Acidity Relief

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Acidity, acid reflux or gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) and gastritis are groups of diseases caused by excess secretions from gastric glands of the stomach; these include hydrochloric acid, bile juice, and various other enzymes. Acidity refers to the heartburn and formation of gas in the stomach resulting from the excess secretions. The acid may irritate … Read more

Amalki Rasayan Benefits For Periods, Digestion & Hairfall

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Amalki Rasayan is a classical ancient Ayurvedic medicine which has numerous health benefits due to its inherent rejuvenating nature. The preparation is beneficial for the brain, eyes, heart, stomach, liver, skin and hair. It improves the functions and health of these organs. Rasayana(रसायन) is a Sanskrit word which derives from the words ‘Rasa’ and ‘Ayana’. … Read more