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Vidarikand: A Herb that Rejuvenates & Reinvigorates: Uses, Benefits, & Side-Effects

Pueraria Tuberosa Indian Kudzu
Pueraria Tuberosa Indian Kudzu

A lot is spoken about how Ayurveda helps you to lose weight but what about those who wish to gain weight? Surely, their journey is also an uphill task. This is where an ancient Ayurvedic herb, “Vidarikand” can come to their aid. Having been first mentioned in the Vedic text, “Ayurvedic Samhita,” this a nutrient-rich herb comes power-packed with micro-nutrients, minerals, and vitamins to help nourish your body from the inside out. So if you wish to add strength and stamina to your body, this herbal plant is the perfect solution for you.

If you haven’t heard of Vidarikand (Hindi name), you may probably have heard of it by the names of Pueraria Tuberosa (Botanical name), Indian Kudzu (English name), or Swadukanda/Kandapalaash (Sanskrit name).

The Vidarikand plant, belonging to the “Fabaceae” family is a climbing, coiling, and trailing vine by nature and grows abundantly in the deciduous forests of the Himalayas and throughout the warmer parts of India. Pueraria Tuberosa also comes in another variety called Ksheera Vidari.


“Because we cannot scrub our inner body we need to learn a few skills to help cleanse our tissues, organs, and mind. This is the art of Ayurveda.” ― Sebastian Pole


Did You Know?

History suggests that Kudzu or Vidarikand was introduced in the southeastern U.S. in 1876 to prevent soil erosion. But due to its vine-like nature, it quickly spread over farms and even buildings! This led to some proclaiming kudzu to be “the vine that ate the South.”


Medicinal Properties of Vidarikand:

  • It is heavy and smooth in guna (action).
  • It is sweet-tasting (pre and post digestion).
  • It has a cooling effect in terms of potency.


Nutritional Information & Dosage

The recommended dosage for Vidarikand when taken orally: 1.5-3 grams of its root extract, to be taken in 3 divided doses per day for 1-4 weeks. It can be consumed with milk.


Did You Know?

Shaving cream from the popular brand, Forest Essentials titled “Gentlemen’s Code” comprises Vidarikand, ginger, neem, aloe vera juice, sandalwood paste, and citrus extracts which helps to moisturize your skin and prevent irritation from razors while shaving.


Vidarikand’s Varied Uses: At a Glance

Vidarikand Image
Vidarikand Image

A medicinal tuber. Check. A potent aphrodisiac. Check. A rejuvenating herb. Check. Simply, Vidarikand is a God-send when it comes to holistically nourish the mind, body, and soul.

Typically, the plant’s roots (white, starchy, and sweet-tasting), leaves, and blue-purplish flowers are used for a variety of health benefits. In terms of the medicinal benefits, this herb offers all the excellent qualities of a good Rasayana due to its anti-inflammatory properties. It helps to:

  • Eliminate internal physical weakness.
  • Delay the ageing process.
  • Treat urinary/reproductive system issues.
  • Prevents kidney disorders.
  • Boost libido and increase stamina.

Two DIY Recipes using Vidarikand powder for enhancing one’s strength and stamina:


Recipe 1: A General Health Tonic


  1. 20 gm Vidarikand powder/churna
  2. 10 gm juice extracted from Cluster Figs (Gular) (Note: You can ready-made Cluster Fig juice as well)
  3. A glass of milk mixed with 1 teaspoon ghee

Steps To Make It: Once you mix the churna and cluster figs juice, simply consume 1 teaspoon a day. After you take the mixture, drink a glass of milk mixed with ghee and notice how your energy levels go up! You can drink it just before sleeping.


Recipe 2: Vidarikand Laddoos


  1. 50 gm Vidarikand churna/powder
  2. 50 gm wheat flour
  3. 50 gm jowar flour
  4. 50 gm ghee
  5. 10 gm each of cashews, almonds, chironji, white muesli, nutmeg, cloves, cardamom
  6. Honey as per taste

Steps To Make It: Mix all the flours and churna together. Then add 10 gms each of the ingredients mentioned in point number 5. Then, finally, add honey to it and make laddoos out of it. Consume twice and a day along with milk for a stronger, healthier body.


Did You Know?

As per research, binge drinkers who consume Vidarikand choose to consume less beer.


Vidarikand’s All-Round Benefits for a Healthier & Happier You

Vidarikand Benefits
Vidarikand Benefits

Vidarikand brings with itself a host of benefits, all thanks to its anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, and anti-pyretic properties. These benefits include enhancing one’s memory, alleviating anxiety, and preventing ulcers like peptic ulcer, intestinal ulcer & Crohn’s disease, etc. In addition to these benefits, it also helps to:


Increase Lactation

Vidarikand helps to increase milk production in the breasts and promotes overall nourishment. However, please consult your doctor before taking it to avoid any unknown allergies/side effects.

Suggested Remedy

Take 5 gm of Vidarikand powder along with milk three times a day for increasing milk production in the breasts. Alternatively, you can mix Vidarikanda, Ashwagandha, Mulethi, Shatavari, and Mishri in equal amounts. Consume one teaspoon, twice a day with milk.


Decrease Menstrual Flow

For women experiencing, it decreases the excessive bleeding during their periods.

Suggested Remedy

Take a spoonful of Vidarikand powder, add ghee and sugar to it and consume.


Improve Digestion And Helps In Related Ailments

Vidarikand is known to promote the secretion of bile, making it an effective digestive stimulant. Plus, it also aids in smooth movement of bowel in cases of constipation/hardened stool.

Suggested Remedy For Biliary Colic:

Take 5-10 ml of Vidarikand juice and add sugar to it, and consume. Conversely, you can add 10-20 ml of Trayamana(Gentiana Kurroo) and 10-20 ml of grapefruit juice decoction in 1-3 gm Vidarikand powder and consume for immediate relief.

Remedy for constipation:

Take 10-20 ml each of pomegranate juice and Vidarikand juice. Then, add 1 gm each of saunth, kali mirch, and pipali powder (churna) to it. Finally, add little sendha namak and honey, and consume to get rid of hard stools.

Remedy For Diarrhoea:

Take 1-3 g of Vidarikand churna to get rid of diarrhoea.

Suggested Remedy For Hyper-Acidity:

Take 5 gm of Vidarikand juice extract and add 2 teaspoons of honey to it. Consume every day on an empty stomach to get rid of acidity.


Treat Urinary Tract Disorders

Vidarikand is known to have a soothing effect on the urinary tract by getting rid of any dryness and reducing inflammation.

Suggested Remedy

For urinary disorders, you can consume Vidarikand with Gokhru. Please consult your doctor for the recommended dosage of these ingredients.


Enhance The Reproductive System

It is one of the best herbs available which helps to strengthen the reproductive system, decrease female sterility, and helps in cases of male infertility as it prevents premature ejaculation. That’s not all. It promotes the development of healthy semen and thereby, enhances sexual performance.

Suggested Remedy For Increasing Masculinity

Take 3 gm of Vidarikand churna and mix it in 10 ml of Vidarikand juice extract. Add 5 gm of ghee and 10 gm of sugar/honey and consume twice a day. Conversely, for increasing semen production, take 2 teaspoons of Vidarikand churna, add 1 teaspoon of ghee to it and consume with milk. Conversely, for treating impotency, you can take 20 gm Vidarikand, 10 gm Ashwagandha, 20 gm Kevanch beej, 10 gm Shatavari, 10 gm Bala/Sida cordifolia, 20 gm Gokhru and 10 gm Mulethi. Mix these together and take one teaspoon, twice a day with milk.


Treat Agoraphobia / Anxiety:

To treat anxiety, the suggested remedy is:

Take 1 gm each of Cluster Fig powder and Vidarikand churna along with milk for immediate help.


Treat bulimia:

Vidarikand helps to treat patients suffering from bulimia.

Suggested Remedy

In 250 ml of milk, add 10 ml of Vidarikand juice extract and bring to a boil. Then consume. Alternatively, you can also mix 10 gm of ghee in 10 ml of Vidarikand juice extract and drink it.


Treat Respiratory Issues

Due to its expectorant characteristics, it eliminates excessive congestion in the lungs and offers immediate relief.

Suggested Remedy For Dry Cough

Take Vidarikand powder along with Mulethi, Sunthi, and Bala.


Offer Cardio-Protective Benefits:

It helps to strengthen the heart muscles and promote healthy functioning of the heart.


Eliminate Joint Pain:

Due to its anti-inflammatory nature, Vidarikand can reduce joint pains when applied topically.

Suggested Remedy For Rheumatoid Arthritis

Take Vidarikand powder and add water to make a paste out of it. Apply on the affected area topically for immediate relief.


Did You Know?

Vidarikand is a favourite amongst singers as it improves voice quality and enhances their tone, naturally. Its branches are also devoured by horses.


Vidarikand’s Side Effects & Precautionary Measures

Vidarikand can be taken orally (for up to 4 months) or injected intravenously (for a maximum of 20 days). While it is generally considered safe when taken in the appropriate amounts, it may have the following side-effects in rare cases:

When taken orally in excess amounts, the side-effects include:

  • Skin itchiness
  • Upset stomach
  • Dizziness
  • Liver damage (only when taken in extreme amounts and for a prolonged period of time without any medical supervision.)

When injected intravenously, the side-effects include:

  • Itching
  • Nausea
  • Headache
  • Fever
  • In extreme cases, it has known to cause red cells to break inside blood vessels.


Precautionary Measures to Keep in Mind:

  • Pregnant women should avoid taking Kudzu in any form.
  • It might worsen bleeding/clotting blood disorders so care must be taken before consuming it.
  • People on cardiovascular treatment should consult a doctor before taking Vidarikand as it is known to lower blood pressure.
  • People suffering from hormone-sensitive health issues (think: breast/uterine/ovarian cancer) should avoid taking Vidarikand.
  • People with a history of liver conditions should avoid taking Kudzu as it can make liver issues such as hepatitis even worse.
  • It is recommended that you stop taking Vidarikand two weeks prior to surgery as it can affect the blood sugar levels in your body.

Important: It is extremely critical that you consult your doctor before consuming Vidarikand. Please seek expert help before self-prescribing it to avoid any of the conditions stated above. A little care and effort go a long way.


Where to Buy It Online?

The multi-purpose uses of Vidarikand have been recognized the world over. A number of established Ayurvedic brands develop Vidarikand in the powder or churna form or in the form of small and white, dried tuber pieces. But, if you’re looking for Vidarikand tablets, you can try the product from Sharangdhar Pharmaceuticals.

Vidarikand’s price typically ranges between INR 110-300 depending on the brand and product size in question. The top-3 Vidarikand churna that you could give a shot include:

  1. Naturemed’s Vidarikand Powder: This 100% natural herbal product treats debility and general body weakness. Priced at INR 209.
  2. Greenbay Naturals Vidarikand: If gaining weight is your primary concern, this product should be your go-to choice. Priced at INR 120.
  3. Heilen Biopharm Vidarikand Herbal Powder: Mirroring estrogen-like characteristics, this herbal powder is often used with Shatavari and Ashwagandha for physical weakness and insufficient lactation. Priced at INR 299.




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