Vata Body Type Characteristics – Vata Dosha Symptoms Imbalance

I briefly mentioned in my post earlier about Vata Dosha and in this post, we will explore in depth what Vata Dosha comprises and what it means when we say a person is having a Vata body type or Vata personality.

What is Vata Dosha?

Vata is the energy of movement. It is made from the combination of air and space elements out of the basic 5 elements (air, water, fire, earth, and space). Every movement that happens in the body, from breathing, the beating of the heart, moving of food and absorption of nutrients, movement of joints and muscles, elimination of waste, movement of information through the central nervous system happens because of Vata energy. It regulates both mental and physiological movements in the body.

In the previous article of this series, we talked about 7 Body types among which I will talk about Vata body type here.

What is a Vata Body Type?

A Vata Body Type or Vata personality is a person who has predominant Vata dosha or Vata element in his body. The tridoshas (Vata, Pitta, and Kapha) are present in a human body at all times, but in different combinations. A person who has a high and dominant Vata dosha in his body is said to have Vata body type. Generally, people tend to have 2 out of 3 doshas dominating their physiological and mental state eg. A person might be Vata-Pitta meaning, Vata and Pitta and more dominant than Kapha Dosha. Only very rare individuals have all three doshas in almost equal proportions in their body.

Vata Body Type – Vata Personality Characteristics

People with Vata body type generally tend towards a skinny body, small and light frame. They are underweight and flexible. They appear to be underdeveloped and a bit weak. They generally have a lower stamina than others in the group.
They tend to have dry and rough skin. Since there is little fat on their body, they feel uncomfortable in dry and cold weather. Due to poor blood circulation, their hands and feet remain cold.

Vata individuals generally have medium digestive fire meaning sometimes the digestion is good and sometimes bad. They tend to feel constipated quite a lot.
Physical characteristics include, noise making popping joints, dry and thin hair with less shine, irregular, broken teeth, dry and rough skin, small sunken eyes.

Since the quality of Vata (air) is to move, these individuals tend to be very light on their feet and move a lot. They love activity and cannot just do nothing although excess movement makes them overtired quickly. They have sleep issues like irregular sleep and waking up several times in the night. They sleep much lesser than other people but still are fresh and active when they wake up.

Vata people are quick and creative thinkers. When vata is in balance, these people will always be like a goofball, full of joy and happiness making all others around them happier. They are imaginative and quick idea generators. Vata people are good at grasping things but if they grasp quick, they forget just as quickly. They dream a lot without any basis or clear goal setting.

When Vata is out of balance, they tend to be insecure and nervous. They worry too much over small things. They fear loneliness, darkness, closed spaces and heights.
Overall, Vata individuals do not seem to have a stable personality as they are the characteristics of vata itself.

Since vata can easily be out of balance for such individuals, below are some symptoms of imbalanced vata

1. Excessively dry skin and hair
2. Constipation
3. Weakness
4. Arthritis and Joints Pain
5. Cracked heels and nipples
6. Mental confusion
7. Backache
8. Sciatica
9. Hyperactive brain
10. Bad PMS – Bloating, Backache, pain in the lower abdomen, pain in calf muscles, emotional anxiety.

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Vata Personality Characteristics
Vata Personality Characteristics
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Vata Body Type Characteristics – Vata Dosha Symptoms – Vata Imbalance
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