Udwarthanam (Udvartana) Ayurvedic Weight Loss Therapy – How Effective Is It?

Udwarthanam massage is an Ayurvedic deep tissue massage. It involves rubbing oil and herbal powder on the body in a direction opposite to the direction in which the body hair is growing. The herbal powders are rubbed forcibly on the body. It is one of the most sought after therapies for weight loss. It is in demand, especially in Asian countries.

Udwarthanam meaning is upward strokes during the massage. Through the intense massage, heat is generated which subsequently melts off the fat on your body. There are two kinds of Udwarthanam: Snigadh or Sneha and Ruksha. The former involves dry powder and medicated oils. The latter involves only dry powder. Udwarthanam is known to yield incredible results when it is combined with other treatments like Shirodhara or Takradhara.

Udwarthanam Ayurvedic Treatment
Woman Receiving Udwarthanam Ayurvedic Treatment


The scrub is made from Lepam, which is a herbal paste. Lepam is prepared using milk, beans, a number of healing oils, and dried herbal powders like Triphala powder. The herbal powders are called Choornams. Other herbs used in Udwarthanam therapy are roots Cestus, deodar, Senna, horse gram, myrobalan, belerica, gooseberry, Phyllanthus and mustard.



Step 1

An Ayurvedic practitioner will rub Udwarthanam in the opposite direction to your body hair. Inform the masseuse about your skin issues, if any. If you have sensitive skin, the masseuse will mix sesame oil or olive oil with Udwarthanam.

Step 2

A total of 7 different techniques are used to break the layer of fat on your body. The masseuse will apply pressure on different pressure points to release toxins from your body.

Step 3

Once Udwarthanam has been applied on your body, the practitioner will let it rest for a while.

Step 4

After some time, you will be bathed using lukewarm water. Post bath, the skin will be moisturised.

The entire procedure takes somewhere between 45 minutes to 1.5 hours. To break it down for you, the massage is 15-45 minutes long and the resting period is for 15-30 minutes. Udwarthanam cost is about INR 700/-.


How To Do Udwarthanam Massage At Home


Step 1

Warm sesame oil or olive oil. Massage your body with it.

Step 2

Rub Udwarthanam powder forcibly on your body for the next 15-30 minutes. Stretch your limbs as much as possible. Move your hands in the direction opposite to your body hair. For hips, the movement of the hands should be from your thigh to your lower back. For the abdomen, it should be from your pubic bone to your chest.

Step 3

Let the scrub rest on your body for around 30 minutes.

Step 4

Take a steam bath or a warm water bath.

Udwarthanam Uses and Benefits

Udwarthanam Massage For Weight Loss
Udwarthanam Massage For Weight Loss


Below listed are the uses and benefits of Udwarthanam powder massage:

  1. Udwarthanam powder is an incredible nerve stimulator. The therapy activates your nerve endings and increases the blood flow to the affected region in your body. The therapy can be used to cure body stiffness, sciatica, indigestion, paralysis, obesity, skin-related diseases, and sclerosis. The therapy will improve your blood circulation and eradicate the annoying itching sensation. Udwarthanam powder buy online from Amazon.
  2. Udwarthanam helps in revitalising the body and regenerating the skin cells. It restores the skin texture and natural elasticity of the body. It exfoliates the skin and leaves it feeling soft and supple.
  3. Udwarthanam promotes bodily strength. The massage will prevent a state of untimely drowsiness. Apart from this, it also imparts a renewed mobility to the joints. It will also come handy in toning up your muscles after weight loss or childbirth.
  4. By taking the Udwarthanam massage with herbal steam and Dhara Takara, you can lose the cellulite on your body and look like a completely changed person. The herbs in the Udwarthanam actively help in eradicating the subcutaneous fats that accumulate over the body.
  5. Udwarthanam massage removes the Kapha toxins in your body. It purifies and detoxifies your body.
  6. It helps eradicates blood cholesterol-related issues.
  7. The therapy is used to treat Motor neuron disorders, Parkinson’s disease, muscular dystrophy, Hemiplegia, cerebral palsy, Sciatica, and Rheumatoid arthritis.
  8. Udwarthanam treatments in Ayurveda include curing Srothorodhas and Oedema. Kapha Dosha is mainly responsible for the constriction of body channels in a Srothorodhas patient. Oedema is characterised by excessive watery fluid in the cavities or tissues in your body.
  9. It eliminates the stench which emanates from your body and leaves you smelling fragrant.

Side Effects

It would be best to avoid Udwarthanam Ayurvedic weight loss therapy if you have wounds, cuts or burns on your body. Individuals suffering from Psoriasis and Eczema should also give this therapy a miss. Apart from them, pregnant and lactating mothers, as well as children below the age of 10, should not get this massage owing to safety concerns. The results of Udwarthanam massage can vary from person to person. It is best to consult an Ayurvedic practitioner and get some advice on which oils and powder will cater to your demands. You should incorporate exercise and a balanced diet in your daily routine to see the best results.



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