Top 5 Effective Ayurvedic Weight Loss Secrets That Will Work

Today I am going to talk about an extremely common problem that more than 50% of the population is suffering from… “Obesity or Excessive Weight”.

You may wonder why, in our ancient times this was not such a big issue, but now it is increasing steadily every year. Well, this is because of bad lifestyle and food habits that we have chosen ourselves. These days, when everything is available on a click of a button, and we hardly make use of our bodies to do anything, the result is inevitable.

So can Ayurveda be of any help in weight management? How did the ancient people manage their weight so easily? When it comes to losing weight, Ayurveda has some simple guidelines or you may say “rules” which if one follows, he will surely see some positive changes in his body. One may call them “Ayurvedic weight loss secrets”. So shall we get to it?

1. Early To Rise And Early To Bed – Ayurvedic Weight Loss Secrets

Early To Rise And Early To Bed
Early To Rise And Early To Bed

Yes, it sounds simple, doesn’t it? It not as simple as it may sound. Our work deadlines, timelines… and finally our mobile devices do not allow us to do “early to bed” part. And if you cannot go to bed early, there is hardly even a chance you will wake up early.

Believe it or not, but your body has a clock of its own. If you align your body’s clock, with the universe’s clock (means, wake up when the sun rises and sleep when the sun sets), your hormones are balanced. You feel energetic and happy! If your sleep cycle is out of order, your hormones will be out of balance which can cause a lot of problems like irregular periods, constipation, lack of energy and motivation and not to mention, it becomes an obstacle in your weight loss efforts.

To correct your sleeping patterns, put those mobile devices and laptops away at least an hour before you plan to go to sleep. Having a cup of warm milk will also help you get timely and sound sleep.

2. Remove all distractions from your environment when you eat your meal – Ayurvedic Weight Loss Secrets

Remove all distractions
Remove all distractions

So if you are wondering how this is relevant, wait and think. Ayurveda says that you should know precisely when to stop eating. These days, when there are so many distractions like the TV, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, if you do not concentrate on what you are eating and try to shove food down your gullet just to get over with it, how are you supposed to get nutrition from it. Recent researches show, that each one of us extracts different nutritional value from exactly the same food. How is this possible?

The more you are mindful about what you consume, the better nutrition you absorb from the food, the lesser you eat as you are more aware of how much your body needs, the better you digest it.

3. Remove Grains From Your Dinner – Ayurvedic Weight Loss Secrets

Remove Grains From Your Dinner
Remove Grains From Your Dinner

You all must have heard this before that your dinner should be your lightest meal. In India, there is a saying,

सुबह का नाश्ता राजा की तरह, दोपहर का राजकुमार की तरह और रात का खाना गरीब की तरह

which means that your breakfast should be like a king, lunch should be like a prince and dinner should be like a poor man. What makes our meals heavy, is grains, or bread. Any complex carbohydrate will make it harder for you to digest at night as the digestive fire is at its lowest after sunset. So it is highly recommended that you remove any grains from your dinner if your goal is weight loss.

4. 30% Of Your Diet Should Be Fruits And Vegetables

Fruits And Vegetables
Fruits And Vegetables

Fruits and Vegetables provide you with the necessary vitamins and minerals and not to mention fibre, which is THE most important part of your weight loss regime. Lack of fibre causes constipation which makes your intestines accumulate waste for sometimes up to days. The waste decays in your intestine and passes toxins into your bloodstream and liver. This also creates hindrance in weight loss. The waste must come out of your body as soon as possible. A healthy gut is a very important factor in weight management.

5. Do Yoga At least 15 Mins Daily In The Morning – Ayurvedic Weight Loss Secrets

15 Minutes Of Yoga Everyday
15 Minutes Of Yoga Everyday

By now, the fitness industry must have already convinced you that you should be following a regular exercise regime if you want to stay fit. Exercise can be of many forms and it definitely will help you speed up your weight loss. It is excessively overweight, it is generally a good idea to do cardiovascular exercises which make your heart pump more blood and increase your metabolism so you lose more fat. But if you are slightly overweight, I would recommend yoga as your primary exercise method. The reason I recommend yoga, as it is not only excellent exercise for your body but also helps to calm your mind and creates a balance in all the activities you do throughout your day.

The mind has huge power over you when it comes to losing weight. In Ayurvedic philosophy, everything you do in life.. should be in balance. If your mind is also in balance, it will help you in making better food choices which in turn will help you lose weight.

If you are a yoga beginner, there are many channels on youtube that can help you. My personal favourites are:

– Yoga With Adriene

– Fightmaster Yoga

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