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Saraswatharishtam – Uses, Benefits, Ingredients, Dosage and Side Effects

Saraswatharishtam / Saraswatarishta is a nervine tonic used in Ayurveda for treating psychological and neurological disorders as well as a memory-boosting brain tonic. In addition to these primary Saraswatharishtam uses, this Ayurvedic medicine is also used to address conditions such as immune dysfunction, male reproductive fluid related disorders, menstrual problems, anaemia, diabetes management, cough, dyspepsia and anorexia. As per ancient textbooks, Saraswatharishtam was formulated by Ayurvedic guru Lord Dhanwanthari for the purpose of enhancing his disciples’ memory and brain power. Owing to its potent therapeutic qualities, this formulation is often referred to as ‘Amruth’ or ambrosia in the realm of Ayurveda.

Ingredient of Saraswatharishta Brahmi

Saraswatharishtam Ingredients


The key component of Saraswatharishtam is Brahmi, also known as Water Hyssop or Bacopa Monnieri. Following other herbs are used in the formulation of the decoction:

  • Shatavari (Asparagus racemosus)
  • Vidari (Pueraria tuberosa)
  • Abhaya Haritaki (Terminalia chebula)
  • Usheera (Vetiveria zizanioides)
  • Sonth — Dry Ginger (Zingiber Officinalis — Rhizome)
  • Mishi (Foeniculum vulgare fruit)
  • Water for kashaya (Boiled and reduced)
  • Makshika (honey)
  • Sita (sugar candy)
  • Dhataki (Woodfordia fruticosa flower)
  • Renuka (Vitex Negundo seed)
  • Kana (Long pepper, Piper longum fruit)
  • Trivrit (Operculina turpethum root)
  • Devapushpa (Clove, Syzygium aromaticum flower bud)
  • Vacha (Acorus calamus rhizome)
  • Kushta (Saussurea lappa root)
  • Vajigandha — Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera root)
  • Vibhitaki (Terminalia bellerica fruit rind)
  • Amruta — Guduchi — Giloya (Tinospora cordifolia stem)
  • Ela (Cardamom, Elettaria cardamomum)
  • Vidanga (Embelia Ribes fruit)
  • Twak (Cinnamon)

In the Saraswatharishtam Gold variant of the medicine, gold leaf is also incorporated as a key ingredient.



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Saraswatharishtam / Saraswatarishta Benefits

Saraswatharishtam is known to promote wellness in both children and adults. Some of the key Saraswatarishta benefits include:

For Children:

  • Improving memory
  • Promoting all-round health and intelligence
  • Strengthening vocal cords

For Adults:

  • Curing or slowing down memory loss
  • Curing psychological and neurological disorders
  • Managing epilepsy
  • Improving sexual virility and capacity
  • Enhancing semen vitiation
  • Boosting physical strength and immunity
  • Curing speech hoarseness and incoherence
  • Helping in better management of menstrual disorders
  • Anti-ageing properties
  • Enhanced life expectancy
  • Strengthening the immune system
  • Used as a cardiac tonic
  • Detoxifying uterus and other female reproductive organs
  • Known as Sarvadoshahara owing to its ability to balance the three doshas – vata, pitta and kapha.

Saraswatharishtam Uses

Saraswatharishtam is a versatile Ayurvedic medicine that has been used for centuries to treat conditions affecting the nerves, brain, heart, reproductive organs and vocal cords, besides being used as a wellness-promoting supplement. Some of the top Saraswatarishta uses include:

Depression and Anxiety

Brahmi or Bacopa Monnieri, which is the core ingredient of Saraswatharishtam, is rich in alkaloids that are effective in combating effects of anxiety and depression. It helps in calming the mind, promotes well-being and alleviates negative energies.


Use of Saraswatharishtam in curing insomnia can also be attributed to the mind-calming properties of Brahmi. In combination with other ingredients of the medicine, it helps improve sleep quality and duration.

Memory Loss

Brahmi, Vacha and Ashwagandha in this medicine help boost brain’s retention abilities and resolves issues of memory loss and forgetfulness. It also helps improve focus.

Cardiac Arrhythmia

Saraswatharishtam Gold is known for its cardio-protective abilities and is a proven remedy for curing cardiac arrhythmia, stabilizing the heartbeat and preventing conditions such as bradycardia and tachycardia.

Hormone Balance

Balancing both male and female hormones is another known use of Saraswatarishta. The medicine diminishes the incidence of hormone biosynthesis from the testes and ovaries, thus, preventing hypogonadism.

Managing Menopause

Saraswatarishta is beneficial in effectively managing menopause symptoms such as hot flashes, mood swings, irritability, sleep loss, headaches, fatigue and night sweats. If introduced in the pre-menopausal stage and continued post-menopause, it can help women glide over a crucial biological phase without disrupting their lives.


The medicine is also highly effective in treating stuttering due to Stammering Disorder as well as Childhood-onset Fluency Disorder. For the long-term benefit, it should be taken for at least six months in such cases.



The medicine is available in the two variants – Saraswatharishtam and Saraswatharishtam Gold. The dosage for both varies slightly.

Saraswatharishtam without gold dosage for children is in the range of 3 to 12 ml and for adults, 12 to 24 ml. The daily intake should not exceed 48 ml in divided doses.

Saraswatharishtam gold dosage for children is 1.5 to 6 ml and for adults, it is 3 to 12 ml, with a maximum dosage limit of 24 ml per day.

Ideally, both Saraswatharishtam and Saraswatharishtam Gold should be consumed twice a day, after meals, diluted it with an equal amount of water. For children, the quantity of water can be increased to tone down the strong taste of the medicine.


Saraswatharishtam Side-Effects

As long as the prescribed dose of this medicine is taken in the right manner, there are no known side-effects on this medicine. However, if consumed on an empty stomach or in large quantities, it can lead to headaches.

Saraswatharishtam and Saraswatharishtam Gold should not be consumed as a wellness supplement during pregnancy. Nursing mothers and diabetics should also take this medicine only on the recommendation and under the supervision of a doctor.


Saraswatharishtam Price

The price varies from manufacturer to manufacturer, falling in the range of INR 300 to 700. Arya Vaidya Sala Kottakal Saraswatharishtam, for instance, is priced at INR 686 for 450 ml whereas AVP Saraswatharishtam Gold is priced at INR 360 for 200 ml.



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