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Pitta Body Type Characteristics – Pitta Dosha Symptoms Imbalance

In this post, I will discuss in details what Pitta Dosha is and Pitta Body Type Characteristics. If you are reading about Ayurvedic body types for the first time, I suggest reading the first article in this series which gives a brief about Ayurvedic classifications of body types and doshas.

What is Pitta Dosha?

Pitta is the energy of fire, heating, and metabolism. It governs the biochemical changes in the body, like digestion, absorption of nutrients, regulation of body temperature. The food is digested and is converted into nutrients which are necessary for the survival of the human body. All chemical transformations happen in the body with the help of pitta, for example, regulating body temperature and appetite.
When pitta is in balance, it promotes health, positive mood, understanding and learning. When out of balance, it gives rise to negative emotions, like anger, jealousy, frustration. It can also lead to skin rashes, eczema, hot flashes.

What is Pitta Body Type?

A Pitta Body Type person is someone who has Pitta Dosha or Pitta Energy dominating his or her constitution. There are other constitutions also which include pitta dosha, like Vata Pitta, Pitta Kapha, Vata Pitta Kapha which means, a person is a combination of Vata and Pitta Dosha, Pitta and Kapha Dosha or a combination of all three tridoshas respectively.

Pitta Body Type – Pitta Personality Characteristics

Physical Characteristics:

People with Pitta type of personality have generally a medium built, much like mesomorphs referred in the western medicine system. They have a fiery personality, much like the nature of pitta or fire itself. They have a medium height, weight, muscle structure. They are neither too slender, nor too fat. They lose weight quickly and gain just as quickly. They are generally physically stronger than vata types.

Pitta individuals generally have a pleasant appearance, with mostly silky copperish, straight hair. They generally experience issues of hair greying and hair loss early on in life. Their skin tends to be towards the oilier side with fewer wrinkles than vata skin type. They suffer issues like bleeding gums and yellow teeth.

They have a high metabolism and body temperature and they sweat a lot compared to other body types. Their sweat has a strong sulfury and unpleasant smell. Pitta individuals find it very difficult to tolerate heat, hot weather, and hard physical work. They have a very good appetite and digestion and they feel hungry several times throughout the day. If they feel hungry, they need to eat quickly else they can experience hypoglycemia.

Girls with pitta constitution experience early menstruation and puberty. They can start menstruation as early as at the age of ten or eleven. If Pitta is out of balance for such people, they tend to crave for spicy dishes and experience mood swings, irritability, jealousy and extreme judgemental attitude.

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Mental Characteristics:

Pitta individuals are alert, sharp and intelligent. They are less creative and more logical, keep and investigating. They are good speakers and they love solving problems and puzzles. They are good at organizing and tend to have leadership qualities. They love to stay in order and neat and clean. Disorderly living irritates them. They are good administrators and generally bright and brainy and sometimes brilliant. Their default nature is aggressive and charismatic.

Things to Avoid For Pitta Individuals

1. Too much spicy and oily food, especially during summer.
2. Exposure to sun, heat, and steam.
3. Smoking can really aggravate pitta.
4. Exercise late in the day when it is hot outside.

Common Ailments

  • Skin rashes, eczema, acne and other skin diseases
  • Excess stomach acid, acidity, hot flashes
  • Loose bowel movements
  • Bleeding disorders, heavy and painful menstruation
  • Chronic hypertension
  • Jaundice
  • Premature grey hair and hair loss.

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Pitta Personality Characteristics
Pitta Personality Characteristics
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Pitta Body Type Characteristics – Pitta Dosha Symptoms – Pitta Imbalance
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