Kala Gond / Gond Siyah / Elwaa Uses, Benefits & Side Effects

Kala Gond which is popularly known as Gond Siyah / Mussabar / Elwaa is the dried latex form of the dense semi solid juice obtained from Aloe vera (Aloe barbadensis) plant. It is obtained by cooking the the juice extract of aloe vera leaves till it becomes completely dry and dark brownish to black in colour. It is dried in the sun till it turns completely black. The most popular names of Kala Gond are Mussabar, Elwaa, Kanyasara, Eleyaka & Indian Aloe.

Commercially sold Kala Gond consists of other impurities which are used during the  preparation method which makes its concentration lower. In the market you can find it in 50%, 75% and 100% pure concentrations. It is very expensive and can cost upto Rs 2000 per kilogram depending on its purity.

It is a very potent medicine in both Ayurveda as well as Unani Medicine System. In Ayurveda, we find its use in medicines like Cukkumtippalyadi Gutika, Rajah Pravartini Vati.

Kala Gond Mussabar
Kala Gond Mussabar / Gond Siyah / Elwaa

Uses & Benefits Of Kala Gond

Elwaa is a highly potent medicine and is fairly expensive when compared to aloe vera gel or juice that you can find in this market. This is because, in the preparation process, only 5-6gm of Kala Gond can be prepared from 1kg of aloe vera juice (the contents of aloe leaf).

Relieves Constipation

Aelwah or Kala Gond is a very strong laxative hence is used in Unani medicine quite frequently to cure short term constipation. Anthraquinones present in aloe plant creates slight irritation to digestive system which results in its laxative nature.

Anti Inflammatory

Elwaa is amazing for inflammation of any kind. The compounds known as anthraquinones (the most prominent being aloin A and aloin B), present in the plant sap make it an effective medicine for pain and inflammation.

It also contains the compound prostaglandins which is also responsible for reducing inflammation and is also found in anti inflammatory drugs like aspirin and ibuprofen. It is considered specifically beneficial for inflammation during arthritis and rheumatism. Other anti inflammatory compounds found in Aloe plant are bradykinase and salicylic acid.

Improves Digestion & Treats Intestinal Worms

It is a very powerful antimicrobial medicine and clears stomach worms and parasites. It also works great for indigestion. It is highly beneficial in problems like irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). The highly bitter properties of Kala Gond stimulate digestion but should be used in extremely low doses. It improves the beneficial intestinal flora and improves digestion.

Women Health

Mussabar is an emenagogue which means any substance that increases the blood flow during menstruation. It is beneficial in amenorrhea.

After delivery, using Elwaa with water over stretch marks reduces them dramatically.

Skin Problems & Wounds

Kala Gond is quite beneficial when it comes to skin diseases especially ones where there is a lot of itching. Magnesium lactate and alprogen compound found in Aloe plant are natural anti-allergics and they help in warding off itching. It is also extremely useful for application on light burns, acne, wrinkles and sunburns.

Regulates Cholesterol And Blood Sugar

This medicine is also used for reducing blood sugar for diabetic patients. It is also used for controlling cholesterol, triglyceride, phospholipid and nonesterified fatty acid levels which, when elevated accelerate the accumulation of fatty material in large and medium sized arteries, including the coronary arteries of the heart. It controls the lipid profile as well as blood sugar levels on regular use.

Nutritional Composition

Elwaa / Kala Gond is rich in following minerals

  • Sodium
  • Potassium
  • Magnesium
  • Calcium
  • Iron
  • Copper
  • Chloride
  • Sulfur
  • Vitamin B12
  • Thiamine
  • Riboflavin
  • Folic Acid
  • Pyridoxine
  • Vitamin
  • Beta-Carotene

Dosage Information

Aelwah should not be used more than 1-3 gm at a time as even this little quantity has the potency of about 20gm of aloe vera gel. It should always be taken with doctor’s consultation as it is a very drying and sharp medicine. Self medication is strictly not advisable.

Precautions & Side Effects

  • Stimulates uterine contracts so should not be used by pregnant ladies.
  • May be purgative for child if used by breastfeeding mother. It should be avoided while breastfeeding.
  • Should not be consumed alone as it is a strong medicine and can cause someone to feel giddy. It should always be taken with something like milk or other preparations.
  • Should not be consumed by children and old people specially if you are on blood pressure medication.
  • People suffering from intestinal obstruction and acutely inflamed intestinal diseases, ulcerative colitis, appendicitis should avoid kala gond completely.
  • Avoid if you are suffering from kidney issues, piles or are on a period.

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Kala Gond / Gond Siyah / Elwaa Uses, Benefits & Side Effects
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19 thoughts on “Kala Gond / Gond Siyah / Elwaa Uses, Benefits & Side Effects”

      • Does black gondh cause pain in body specially muscles after consuming it? My mother is diabetic patient she started taking it but after 3 days she is getting sever ache all over her body. Is there any side effect of this black gondh.

        • Hi Uzma,

          There are no known side effects of elwaa but if there are some side effects happening, your mother should stop taking it immediately.


  1. Hello Swati, just like you, I am also in love with mother nature and Ayurveda. I have back pain and some one suggested me to take kala good. I just take little and keep in mouth till it dissolve.i m also suffering with thyroid so I am little concerned. Can you please guide

    • Hi Anju,

      There are no known side effects of aloe vera gum according to my research. You just have to make sure that you take it in the correct dosage. If you are suffering from thyroid, it is better to take expert opinion before consuming any medicine.


  2. Appreciate the article. I love Ayurved and avoid allopathy.I am 82, having no disease like BP, diabetes, kidney, heart etc except some age factor symptoms which is but natural. Thanks.

    • Hi Sudarshan Ji,

      I think its great that you value Ayurveda so much. Its difficult to find people these days who believe in traditional medicine. People only go for it as a last retort when nothing else seems to work. Wish you good health in future also!


  3. Mjhe constipation issues h to iski sahi dose kya h vo btaiye or kitne din tk lena h ye kala gond…. Or issey mere face p pimples to ni aygey

  4. Constipation issues h.. Iski sagi dose kya h vo btaiye or kitne din tk lena or iske use s face p pimples to ni ayengey…..

  5. It helps in controlling high blood pressure as per hakim Suleman by reducing cholesterol and fat
    Pls illustrate research result on thid

  6. Dear Ms. Swati,

    A question regarding Kala Gond Siyah. I have just purchased Gond Siyah from Atiya Herbals for my 80 years old Mother who is suffering with Rheumatoid Arthritus, Joint Pain. She is on wheel chair and doctor has recommended her Joint Transplant Operation. My Question is:

    1. Does Kala Gond Siyah helps in Rheumatoid ?

    2. Does Kala Gond Siyah help her in getting off the Wheel Chair ?

    3. Most Important Question. My Mother is taking it for the last one week. She is not having any big side effect. Just want to know what are the minor side effect. She is occasionally having Dizziness and Acidity. Does Gond Siyah causes such side effect. I do not want to stop the medicine just because of few side effects which may or may not be due to Gond Siyah. She had a heart attack about one year back. Any relation to heart.

    4. Does Gond Siyah helps in IBS and Constipation also.


  7. My mother used to give elwa to all her babies along with her milk for easy motion
    Can I give same as to my baby who is 4 months old?

    • Hi Duamasihayas,

      I am not sure about the use of elwa for babies. I am sorry I can’t be of much help in this regard.


  8. Hello Swati ji.My Mother in law is suffering from
    knee joint pains and spondylolithiasis .started Siya gond.she feels weakness in both legs.
    She is on Antihypertensive medicine.whether she can take Siya Gond or not.

  9. HI DR Swati ji We are in Toronto Canada how can I get GOND SIYAH for my wife joint pain I like to buy where can I buy GOND SIYAH BLACK GUM


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