Gajwan Ark – Uses, Benefits, Side Effects, Price & How To Use?

Gajwan Ark, also known as Gaozaban Ark or even Gavjawan Ark is a potent liquid medicine that can be consumed by all age groups. Before delving deeper into what it actually does, let’s take a closer look at what it actually is. 

What is Gajwan / Gajban Ark? – Properties, Uses And Benefits

Gajwan - Onosma bracteatum
Gajwan – Onosma bracteatum

Gajwan Ark is distilled with a herb called Goziya. It is also known as Gaozaban, Ganjaba, Bhopathsri, Pathhari, cow’s tongue and Sedge herb. It is scientifically classified under genus Onosma and species Bracteatum. It is primarily found in areas of Kashmir and North India and also cultivated in other regions for its medicinal benefits. 

Gajwan Ark is made from the distillation process (described in detail in the next section) as the other herbal and floral derivatives.

Gajwan or Gaozaban is used to treat asthma, build the body’s immune resistance, relieve excessive thirst, provide relief from irritation in the bladder, skin diseases, wounds, rheumatism, leprosy and even syphilis. It is known to restore balance in the Pitta and regulate the body temperature by treating fevers or cooling those with “extreme heat” bodies. 

It is generally useful in pitta conditions like skin irritations, bleeding disorders, burning sensation in the eyes, acidity, gas, stomach infections, darkening of urine due to excess heat in the body. It is a natural blood purifier and cools the body.

It also has the following benefits and properties:

  • It is anti-carcinogenic
  • It has antioxidant properties
  • It is antimicrobial
  • It is antipyretic (it is used to prevent and treat fevers)
  • It is a diuretic
  • It has anti-diabetic properties
  • It is antitussive (it is used to treat coughs)
  • It is spasmolytic (it is used to treat spasms in the muscles)
  • It is also a demulcent (it is used to treat inflammation and irritation)
  • It strengthens the heart. It is cardiotonic.

Studies And Researches

Psychoimmunomodulatory Effects Of Gajwan

Studies show that Gajwan extracts have protective effects against immune functions that have been impaired due to stress and also psychological processes such as memory. This study has also backed the age-old use of Gajwan to treat immune-deficiency disorders such as asthma and rheumatoid arthritis and also to some extent, abnormal memory disorders such as dementia. 


Antibacterial Effects Of Gajwan 

Research shows that Gajwan has numerous phytochemicals that can be used against bacteria. This study showed maximum antibacterial activity towards Staphylococcus aureus. Staphylococcus aureus is a strain of gram-positive bacteria that is responsible for skin infections and abscesses. While skin infections are the most common symptoms of being infected by these bacteria, they are also known to cause pneumonia, heart valve infections and bone infections in serious cases. 

What is An Ark And How It Is Made?

Ayurvedic remedies are long seen as complex formulations with a long list of ingredients. Their effects, however positive they may be, are downsized or wrongfully judged, all due to improper understanding of the medicines. The Ark is one such formulation. 

Ark is a simple Ayurvedic supplement that is derived from herbs. The manufacturing process usually involves the boiling of herbs and processing the steam through a distillation apparatus. The herbal distillate is then collected and carefully bottled and shelved for consumption. 

Benefits Of Ark And Their Types

Ayurvedic Ark is characteristically light and can be consumed by adults and children alike. It is particularly helpful for those that have sensitive appetites, digestive issues or problems in assimilating nutrients. Arks are liquids that do not leave the stomach “heavy” or bloated after consumption because they retain the base, that is, water which is infused with various phytochemicals from herbs used during the distillation process. 

There are a variety of Ark formulations ranging from herbal distillates to floral or even leaf and stem potions. All Arks are used to treat a variety of conditions and act as dietary supplements only. 

How to Use Gajwan Ark, Dosage Information:

Gajwan Ark can be used as a natural dietary supplement. The potent solution is packed with nutrients, minerals and is full of beneficial phytochemicals that keep diseases at bay. Given that it is a distilled, light tonic, it can be safely consumed by children and adults alike. 

Gajwan Ark is a great solution for those that face gastric issues or bloating. It is also a very good remedy for those that are frail and weak and helps them absorb and assimilate nutrients from the food that they consume. Arks are known to restore vitality and protect one’s body from pathogens and strengthen the systems on the inside. 

Gajwan Ark is a great coolant and restores the Pitta into equilibrium with the Kapha and Vata. 

This potent tonic can be administered to children in the dosage of one to two teaspoons, to begin with. The adults can safely consume this tonic in quantities of half a cup about two times a day, half-hour after food.

Side Effects And Safety Profile Of Gajwan Ark

Arks are characteristically light but potent tonics. While different Arks provide different benefits, it would do good to remember that this category of Ayurvedic medicines, however potent they may be, are only dietary supplements. Arks are not meant for extensive use, although some are safe (Gajwan Ark) and may or may not be suitable for some people. 

Any prediagnosed condition must be treated with prescription drugs and therapy from certified medical professionals and self-medication should not be practised. 

Gajwan Ark does not negatively interact with homoeopathic drugs but cannot be used as a replacement for other forms of prescription medication or therapy. 

Price And Popular Brands

It is a considerably cheap preparation and price can range between Rs. 150 to Rs 390 per litre.

The most famous brands are:

Baidyanath Kapiva Gajwan Ark 1ltr – Rs. 390. (Kapiva is a sub brand of Baidyanath Ayurveda)

Hamdard Gajwan Ark 500ml – Rs 78


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