Ayurvedic Dictionary Glossary: 500+ Words Of Sanskrit To English



Words English Translations
Abhidya Jealousy
Abhisyandi Food that produces secretion or moisture inside the minute channels of the body creating a blockage in energy flow
Abhukta Bhukta An empty stomach
Abhyanga Ayurvedic Oil Massage
Abhyantara Snehana Internal oleation
Abhysyandis Herbs which block the channel of rasavaha srota causing congestion
Adhovata Flatus / Fart
Adhwa Karshita People who are weak because of excessive walking
Adya Rich
Agad Tantra Toxicology
Agni karma It is the treatment used in various skin disease, Arthritis, back pain. Heat is applied to affected part with the help of a metal rod. It is a micro cauterisation procedure. It is highly effective in osteoarthritis, sciatica, spondylosis, frozen shoulder and other chronic musculoskeletal diseases.
Agnidagdha Useful in quick healing of burn wounds
Agnisadana Appetite reducing herbs
Ahankara The principle of individuation in Hinduism. It denotes the ego and self.
Ahara Diet
Ahara rasa The end product of digested food that nourishes all bodily tissues
Ahrudya Not good for the heart
Ajna The centre point between the eyebrows where right meets with left, alpha meets with omega, and intuition meets with logic; it is the highest endpoint of human polarity
Akash Space
Alasya Laziness
Alparoopa Mild symptoms
Amashaya Stomach
Amavata Rheumatoid arthritis
Amavataghana Anti-rheumatic herbs
Amavatham Anti-rheumatic herbs
Ambu Water
Amiksha Boiled and clotted milk
Amla rasa Sour taste
Amrit Sacred Nectar
Anaha Constipation
Anahata The heart chakra; The centre of unconditional love in the heart, it also denotes the cardiac plexus which governs heart activity.
Ananda / Anandam Blissfulness
Anga Branches
Angabhanga Body pain, myalgia
Angasada Debility & Weakness
Anna Food
Anurakta Compassion towards patients
Anuvasana To stay
Apachee Cervical lymphadenopathy (enlargement of cervical lymph nodes)
Apana To eliminate
Apasmara pratisedha Treatment of epilepsy
Apti / Samprapti Pathogenesis
Ardita Facial palsy
Arha Wealth
Arkavilokana Seeing Sun directly for a few seconds
Arochaka Anorexia
Arsas Haemorrhoids
Arsha Piles
Arshoghna Group of herbs that are used in treating haemorrhoids
Arthava Ovum
Aruchi Anorexia
Ashmari Urinary calculi
Ashru Tears
Ashta Eight
Ashwa Horse
Asthapana Decoction Enema Therapy
Asthayi Unstationary
Asthi Bones
Asthi Bhagna Bone fracture
Asthi Dhatu Bone tissue
Asthikshaya Osteoporosis
Atisara Diarrhoea
Atma Soul
Aum The primordial cosmic soundless sound; it is written as a-u-m which represents creation, preservation and transformation of everything that exists in form or that can be expressed by experience
Aushadha Medicine
Avagaha Tub Bath, Sitz bath
Avrushya Decreases sexual interest and performance
Ayuskamiya A desire for a long life
Ayas Iron
Ajeerna Indigestion
Ajeernabhogi Taking foods which cause indigestion (gut foe’s) or taking foods in condition of indigestion. This causes indigested food or stale food to remain for more time in the gut (and cell) which provides ideal environment for worm/parasitic manifestation and infestation.
Anorexia, Sluggish digestion
Amlasevi Excessive consumption of sour or foods rich in sour taste. Addiction to sour taste.
Abhighata Injury or trauma to body, mind or heart
Avyayama Lack of exercise or pushing oneself towards exercise / Being restprone, seated jobs , sedentary lifestyle


Badhirya Deafness
Bahuguna Having enormous qualities
Bala Child
Bala Chikitsa Paediatrics
Balopacaraniya adhyaya Care of the newborn baby
Balya Strength promoting herbs
Basti / Bastikarma One of the five important cleansing measures of panchakarma; it eliminates excess vâta dosha out of the system via medicated herbal tea or oil enemas and normalizes all vâta disorders
Beeja Seeds
Bhagandar Fistula in Ano
Bhara Karshita People who are weak because of excessive weight lifting
Bhasma Medicines made from metal, mineral or marine products. Bhasmas have high potency and release prana into the system.
Bhedani Useful in the treatment of constipation
Bhishagvashya Complete obedience towards the doctor
Bhoomi Earth
Bhoot Vidya Psychiatry
Bhrama Delusion
Bhuta Vijnaniya Knowledge of demons
Bhutonmada Psychosis due to the influence of evil spirits
Brahmacharya Celibacy
Brihat Trayi Vast 3 Books
Buddhi Individual intellect or mind
Buddhi smruti prada Herbs that increase intellectual capacity and memory
Bhaktadvesha Aversion towards food
Bhaya Fear



Cala Moving, Unstable
Chakras The energy centres in the body; related to nerve plexus centres which govern the bodily functions. Each chakra is a separate reservoir of consciousness connecting the physical body to the astral body.
Chardi / Chardana Vomiting
Choorna Powdered form medication
Chinta Excessive or unnecessary thinking, worry, anxiety, stress



Dadhi Curd
Dahahara Relieves burning sensation
Daksha Alertness
Dakshina Angushtha Right wrist joint
Dakshina Baahumadhye Right elbow joint
Dakshinayana Summer solstice
Darshana Observation. Looking for signs and symptoms of Diseases in the body
Deepana Increases digestion strength
Dhamani Pulse / Artery
Dhamini Artery
Dhara To pour or flow
Dharini Support / Pulse
Dharma Righteousness
Dhatu Tissues
Dhatu Agni All seven dhatus have their individual Agni or fire.
Dhatu srotas Channels in which dhatu moves
Dhatuvardhak Herbs that support all seven dhatus.
Dhooma Herbal smoking
Dhyana Meditation
Dinacharya Daily regimen to be followed by all individuals for good health.
Dirghayu Lakshyana Symptoms of long life
Dosha Something which can be easily imbalanced
Draksha Grapes
Drava Liquid
Dravya Substance
Drgviparyaya Finding fault, misunderstanding, faithlessness
Drk Eyes
Durbala Excessive weakness
Dushti Disorder
Dravapriyaha Excess consumption of liquid foods
Divaashayi Habituated to day sleep



Eranda Castor
Eranda taila Castor oil



Gaja Elephant
Gaja gati Elephant pulse
Gala ganda Goitre
Garbha Union of sperm, ovum and soul in uterus, Pregnancy
Garbha srava Miscarriage
Gati Movement
Ghrana Nose
Ghrita Ghee, Clarified butter
Glani Debility
Grahani Small intestine
Grahi Anti-diarrhea; binds stool
Granthi roga Lymphadenitis
Granthihara Useful in the treatment of fibroids and small tutors
Greeva Neck region
Gridhrasi Sciatica
Grishma Ritu / Greeshma Ritu Summer season
Guhya roga pratisedha Treatment of diseases of genital organs
Guhya roga vijnaniya Knowledge of diseases of genital organs
Guna Quality
Guru Heavy
Guru koshta Hard bowel movement. Heavy abdomen
Gulmarti Nashanam Relieves pain in gulma (Abdominal tumours)
Guda Upabhokta Excessive consumption of jaggery or sugarcane derivatives.
Gadaatichaara Improper treatment or negligence of any systemic disorders / diseases. this point towards secondary heart diseases; secondary conditions like obesity, diabetes mellitus, hypertension, dyslipidaemia etc



Halimaka Malignant Jaundice or Hepatitis B
Hamsa Male swan
Hamsa gati Swan pulse
Hamsi Pulse / Female Swan
Hanustambha Lock Jaw
Harshana Causes happiness and elevates mood
Hasti gati Elephant pulse
Hemanta Ritu The winter season
Hidhma Hiccups
Hima Cold
Hrid Roga / Hridroga Heart disease
Hridaya Essence
Hridhya Heart tonic
Hrudayasya Uparodhana Stiff feeling in the chest area



Ida The subtle energy channel which flows along the left side of Sushumna and controls the parasympathetic branch of the autonomic nervous system
Indriya Daurbalya The weakness of sense organs



Jala Water
Jalauka gati Leech pulse
Janu Knee
Janu kapalika Patella
Jara vyadhi Problems due to ageing ( jara )
Jeevanam Life
Jeevaneeya That which is essential for life
Jihva Tongue
Jnana Knowledge or Wisdom
Jnapaka Good memory
Jrumbha Yawning
Jrumbhika Yawning
Jwaraghna Useful in fever
Jwarahara Herbs that relieve fever



Kaka gati Crow pulse
Kalka Herbal paste
Kama Pleasure
Kamala Jaundice or Hepatitis A
Kampana / Kampa Tremors
Kandughna A group of herbs useful in skin related disorders
Kandughna relieves itching
Kanta Neck
Kantha Shodhana cleanses and detoxifies throat
Kanthya Herbs or medicines that aid the throat
Kapha roga Diseases due to kapha vitiation
Kapha Udara Kapha vitiated abdominal diseases
Kaphaghna useful to relieve sputum from the respiratory tract
Karjura Dates
Karma Karshita People who are weak because of working excessively
Karpura Camphor
Karuna Courteousness
Kasa Cough
Kaseesa Bhasma Ferrous Sulphate (FeSo4 7H2O)
Kashaya rasa Astringent taste
Kathinya Hardening of the blood
Kati Hips And Lower back
Kati Pichu Ayurvedic treatment for back pain where oil padding is done in the low back region.
Kati Shoola Low back pain
Kati Vasti An ayurvedic treatment used for lower backache
Katu rasa Pungent taste
Kaumar Bhritya Paediatrics
Kaya Chikitsa Internal medicine
Kera Coconut
Keshya Good For Hair
Khara Rough
Klama Tiredness, Exhaustion without doing anything
Kledahara Decreases moistness
Kloman / Kloma Pancreas
Kopana Food that increases the lowered Dosha to normalcy
koshta Large cavities or empty spaces in the human body.
Krichra Sadhya Difficult to cure
Krimiroga Diseases due to worm infestation
Krisna Excessively Emaciation
Kroora Koshta A person who takes a long time for digestion. The bowel evacuation will be irregular and will be influenced by Vata.
Krumi gati Worm pulse
Krumighna Helps to relieve intestinal worms
Kshara Alkaline extract
Kshavatu Sneeze
Ksheera Milk
Ksheera paka Medicated milk
Kshetra Temple / Pure Space
Kshudha Hunger
Ksudra roga pratisedha Treatment of minor diseases
Ksudra roga vijnaniya Knowledge of minor diseases
Kurpara Elbow joint
Kushta Skin Diseases or Leprosy
Kushtaghna Useful in skin disorders
Karshya A disorder where a person is not able to gain weight; To become emaciated.
Kriti Technique



Laghu Light In Weight
Laghu Trayi Small 3 Books
Lakshana Signs and symptoms
Lasika Lymphs
Lavaka gati Common quail pulse
Lavana rasa Salty taste
Lekhana Has a scraping effect over the body channels
Lekhaniya Group of herbs used to reduce cholesterol level
Lepa Face or Bodypack
Lingum Penis
Lomaharsha Horripilation
Louha Iron



Madhu Honey
Madhumeha Glycosuria – Diabetes
Madhura rasa Sweet taste
Madhya Koshta Proper digestive tract, bowel evacuation at appropriate times. It is influenced by Tridosha balance.
Mahad Transcendental celestial intelligence
Mahat All the cosmic laws that make up the intelligence of the universe according to Sänkhya philosophy.
Majja Bone marrow
Majja Dhatu Bone marrow tissue
Mala Waste Products
Mala Stambhana Herbs that stop the flow of waste
Mamsa Muscle
Mamsa Dhatu Muscle Tissue
Mamsarasa Meat juice
Manas Mind
Manasika Vikara Mental disorders
Manda Mild, viscous
Mandagni Low digestive fire
Manduka Gati Frog pulse
Manthana Churning
Manyasthamba Stiffness of neck
Marma Points on the body where veins, arteries, tendon, bone and flesh meet. It is where vata, pitta, kapha, sattva, rajas and tamas meets. There are 108 marma points in our body. These points can be used to heal or to harm. They are strong energy centres and are somewhat similar to acupuncture points.

Massaging these points helps to remove energy and toxic blocks from the body, also improving the function of internal organs.

Matra vasti A type of fat enema.
Mayura gati Peacock pulse
Medahara decreases cholesterol
Medas Fats
Medhya Herbs for improve intellect
Medo Dhatu Fat / Adipose Tissue
Mrdu Soft
Mrudu Koshta Sensitive stomach with short digestion period
Mrutsna Slimy, jelly
Mukha paka Stomatitis or Ulcer
Mukha-abhyanga Facial massage
Mukhashoshakara Causes dryness of mouth
Mukhavaishadyakara Cleanses oral cavity
Muladhara First chakra located at the base of the spine
Muktakricha Strangury
Mutra / Mootra Urine
Malabaddhata Constipation
Madhurasevi Excess consumption of sweets or foods rich in sweet taste. Addiction to sweet foods.



Nabhi Umbilical Region
Nabi Umbilical Region
Nadi Vijnanam The science of the understanding of pulse
Nara kama Increased sexual tendency
Nasagatha roga Diseases pertaining to the nose.
Nashaka Destroyer
Nathaya King
Nava A disease of recent origin
Nava Jwara Acute fever
Navaneeta Butter
Netra roga Eye diseases
Netrya Herbs that improve eyesight
Nidana Aetiology, Causes
Nidra Sleep



Ojas The vital energy that rules our immunity, strength, and happiness
Ojo Visramsa Displaced ojas; ojas remains unstable during the seventh and eighth months of pregnancy, moving between the body of the fetus and the body of the mother. If a baby is born with insufficient ojas or displaced ojas during the seventh or eighth month, this premature baby’s survival is difficult because of the displaced ojas.



Pachana Carminative
Pada Abhyangam Foot massage
Pakshaghata Hemiplegia
Pakvashaya Colon
Pakvashaya Shula Colic
Pancha Mahabhoota 5 elements
Pandu roga Anaemia
Pandu roga cikitsita Treatment of anaemia
Parikarta Anal itching sensation
Parivaap Roasted food grains
Parma gati Lotus pulse
Parvas Joints
Pathya Dietary or lifestyle restriction
Patra Medicinal plants
Payasya Cheese
Peenasa / Pinasa Nasal block; Chronic sinusitis / Rhinitis, Cold, Catarrh
Picchila Slimy
Pichu Padding or sponging
Pinda Bolus
Pingala A subtle energy channel that flows along the right side of Sushumna and controls the sympathetic branch of the autonomic nervous system
Pleeha Liver
Pleeha Udara Splenomegaly
Pliha roga Splenic Disorder
Pradara Leukorrhea
Praklinna Dwija Healthy oral cavity
Prakopa Provocation
Prakriti Nature. Prakriti means that which is found in its natural, unaltered form. It is that which gives shapes or forms. It is the dynamic energy of creation.
Praman Measurement
Prameha Diabetes, stubborn urinary diseases
Prana The vital life energy without which life cannot exist; the flow of cellular intelligence from one cell into another
Pratishyaya Cold congestion; Running nose
Prishta Vasti Prishta means complete back region. Prishta Vasti is a procedure where medicated oil is retained over the back region for a specific period of time. It is mainly indicated for the diseases related to the whole spine.
Prithvi Earth
Pureesha Stool; Faeces
Purusha Pure awareness and metaphysical consciousness. Purusha and Prakriti are both together responsible for the creation of the universe.
Puyaghna Heals wounds without pus formation; reduce pus formation
Puti Burning / Incenerate
Prabha Reflection / Grace
Pishta Upabhokta Excessive consumption of foods prepared using flour.



Raja Yakshma Pulmonary Tuberculosis
Rajah Menstruation
Rajas The second out of the three gunas (modes of existence). It means passion, active, confused. It is quality of mind, that drives us to take actions
Rajaswala Charya Menstruation regimen
Rakta Dhatu Blood Tissue
Rakta Prasadana Detoxifies blood
Raktapitta Bleeding disorders
Raktavruta Vata Vayu Obstruction By Rakta
Ranjaka To give colour
Rasa Body fluids
Rasa Dhatu Body Tissue
Rasala Curd churned and mixed with pepper powder and sugar
Rasana Tongue
Rasayana Geriatrics
Rasayana vidhi Rejuvenation Therapy
Rasayanam Rejuvenative Medicine
Retas Semen
Ritu Period / Weather
Ritucharya Ayurvedic Seasonal Regimen
Ritusandhi Inter seasonal period
Roganutpadaniya Preventive healthcare
Rooksha Dry
Rudhira Blood
Ruk Abdominal pain
Ruksa Dry
Ruchyam A herb or medicine which enhances taste and wards off tastelessness, anorexia, aversion towards food



Sagara Ocean
Sakti Lower limbs
Saktu Flour of roasted food grains
Sammoha Loss of consciousness, delusion
Samsarga Increase or decrease in individual doshas.
Sandhi Joints
Sandhya Evening
Sandra Solid
Sangraha Compilation
Sanhanan Compactness of body
Sannipata Imbalance of all three doshas together
Sara Structural Predominance
Sarpa gat Cobra pulse
Sarpa visa pratisedha Treatment of snake bite poison
Satva The first out of the three gunas (modes of existence). It means goodness, constructive, harmonious.
Satvavaan Ability to tolerate disease and treatment
Shaityakara Acts as coolant
Shakrut Faeces
Shalaka Metal rod
Shalakya Otorhinolaryngology and Ophthalmology
Shalya Surgery
Shamana Food that brings down the increased Dosha to normalcy
Shamana Chikitsa Palliative treatment or oral medication
Shankha Temporal bone / Conch shell
Sharath Ritu Autumn Season
Shareerika ruja Severe body pain
Sheeta Cool
Sheeta Veerya Cold potency
Shira Head
Shira Pichu Oil padding of the crown of the head
Shiroabhyanga Head massage
Shiroruja Headache
Shishira Ritu Dewy season
Shita purva jwara Fever with rigour or chills
Shlakshna Smooth, clear
Shleepada Filariasis
Shodhana Detox
Shonita Ovum
Shosha Emaciation
Shotha Oedema
Shramashvasa Breathing on exertion
Shramhara Drug beneficial in treating tiredness and provides the energy to the body.
Shuchi Cleanliness
Shuddha swarna Purified Gold
Shuddhi Purification
Shukrakshaya Oligospermia

Respiratory system-related diseases

Shwitra Discolouration of skin
Siraa Vein
Siravedha / Siravyadha The ayurvedic procedure of bloodletting by puncturing to eliminate the toxins from the blood.
Slaksna Smooth
Snayu Pulse
Snehayukta Purgation is given with unctuous medicines or purgatives prepared with ghee or oil
Snigdhna Oily, Unctuous
Soma Roga Endometriosis
Sparsham Touch
Sparshanendriya Skin
Srotra Ears
Stanya Shodhana Cleanses breast milk
Sthayi Stationary
Sthoulya Obesity
Sthula Big
Stree Karshita People who are weak because of excessive indulgence in intercourse
Sukha Sadhya Easy to cure
Sukra Dhatu Reproductive Tissue
Suksma Stable, Small
Sumukhaha Have a smiling face
Supta Gaatrataa Numbness in body parts
Suryavarta Migraine
Sushumna Nadi The central channel of the spinal cord that carries the kundalini shakti from the root of the spine to sahasràra, the crown chakra. The Ida and Pingala Nadis are found on each side of Sushumna.
Sutika Newly delivered mother
Suvarnam Gold
Svayathu Dropsy
Swarna Gold
Swasthahita Food that maintains the normalcy of Tridosha and health
Sweda Sweat
Swedaghna Decreases sweating
Swedana Fomentation
Swedo Aryartham Excessive Sweating
Shwasa / Swasa Asthma, Bronchitis, Breathlessness, Wheezing
Sahasra One Thousand
Swarabheda Sore throat, Hoarseness of voice
Svaraharam Herb or medicine which destroys voice on excessive consumption.
Shoolaghnam Alleviates colic



Taila Oil
Takra Curd milk
Tamaka svasa Emphysema and Asthma
Tamas The third out of the three gunas (modes of existence). It means darkness, destructive, chaotic. It is that which leads to inaction and lethargy
Tantu Pulse
Tejas The pure essence of the fire element; the superfine essence of pitta dosha which governs the transformation of matter into energy and food, water and air into consciousness
Tikshna Sharp
Tiksna Quick / Fast
Tikta ghrita Medicated ghee
Tikta rasa Bitter taste
Tila Sesame seeds
Tittiraka Gati Partridge pulse
Tokama Germinated paddy grains
Tridosha 3 Doshas
Triloka 3 worlds
Trimala 3 Waste Products
Trut Thirst
Twak Skin complexion
Twak Doshaha Skin Diseases
Tridoshagna A medicine useful for combating all three dosha vitiated doshas.
Trasa Excessive exertion
Teekshna Ahara Foods of hot, piercing, sharp nature which causes gut irritability and meddle with soft metabolism, cause inflammation and damage to the channels of circulation and cells, impair circulation



Udamantha Beverage prepared with flour of corns mixed with ghee
Udavarta Bloating
Udvartana Ayurvedic powder massage
Unmada Mental disorder; mania or psychosis; psychotic diseases
Unmada pratisedha Treatment of insanity
Upanaha Upanaha is one of the four types of Swedana(Fomentation therapy). It is the procedure of applying a warm herbal paste to the affected part of the body followed by bandaging. It is used for reducing pain and inflammation of joints and other body parts. Upanaha word itself means to tie.
Upashayaa Diagnostic Tests
Upasthambhas Supporting pillar for the bodybuilding
Uras Thorax
Urustambha Paraplegia; Stiffness of thighs
Ushna veerya Hot potency
Ushtra gati Camel pulse
Upachaya Nourishment, growth
Upakusa Tooth problem



Vaama Angushtha Left wrist joint
Vaama Baahumadhye Left elbow joint
Vajikarana Eugenics and aphrodisiacs
Vajikarana vidhi Virilification therapy
Vamana Procedure in which waste products or toxins are eliminated through the mouth.
Varman Secret
Varsha Ritu Rainy season
Varti Rectal and urethral suppositories
Vasanta Ritu Spring season
Vasti A treatment used in Panchakarma to eliminate toxins where medicated liquids and oils are passed through the anus or vaginal canal.
Vata gulma Diverticulosis
Vata vyadhi Diseases of the nervous system
Vatabhagneshu People who are suffering from diseases due to increased vata
Vataja nanatmaja vyadhi Diseases manifest by Vata Dosha alone
Vatasonita Gout
Vayu Air
Vedana Severe soreness
Vega The rate of the pulse
Vibandha Constipation
Vihara Lifestyle
Vipaka Post digestion effect / Conversion of taste after the initial phase of digestion
Virechana Purgation
Visa pratisedha Treatment of poisioning
Visarpa Erysipelas
Visha Peeta Poisoning
Vishada Non-slimy
Vishaghna Anti toxic
Vishahara Anti toxin
Vishanashaka Destroyer of Toxins or poison
Visharoga Chikitsa Treatment of poison
Vishva Universe
Visphota Herpes zoster or shingles
Visuddha Fifth chakra located at the throat
Vit Faeces
Vrana pratisedha Treatment of ulcers
Vranaghna Relieves wound
Vrddhi Increase
Vrishya Herbs that increase virility. Aphrodisiacs
Vyadhi Health Problem
Vyana Vayu One of the five sub doshas of vata. It is the life-breath which governs the circulation of blood in the body; regulates the nervous, muscular and skeletal systems in the body; responsible for the reflex arc, activity and movement of all joints
Vyayama Karshita People who are weak because of excessive exercising
Varna Colour and complexion
Vyayamavarji Not exercising
Viruddhabhokta Taking incompatible food combinations.
Vivarnata Discolouration of a part or whole body
Vega Dharana Holding the impending body reflexes (natural urges) like those of flatus, faeces, urination, thirst, hunger, sleep, sneeze, yawn, vomiting etc as a part of practice or due to unavoidable situations (for. alonger period)
Vatarakta Gout



Yakrt Spleen
Yakrut The liver
Yakrut roga Liver disorders
Yana Karshita People who are weak because of excessive travelling
Yogi An enlightened being
Yogya Suitable



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