About us

Everyone deserves a healthy body and a healthy mind, that is what i believe, but frankly in today’s fast paced world, balancing work and family life leaves you with little or no time to think about yourself. Managing a full time job that pays for your bills, ultimately makes you pay with your health. Mundane tasks like cooking, cleaning and everyday chores seem unachievable and extreme stress and a feeling of tiredness leave you exhausted.

Just like everyone else, I also struggle with these issues in my everyday life. In past few years i discovered that slowly my health became by last priority and i started showing signs of aging, dark circles, lower back pain and skin problems. These are the issues that many other working women of my age (30+ . I won’t be precise as a woman’s age is her little secret) must be facing in their daily lives. I found solutions to some of my issues in natural remedies and ayurvedic herbs using in ancient India for centuries and even today. The practice of Ayurveda, Yoga and Meditation helped me in balancing and maintaining a less stressed and happy life. My goal of making this website is to help countless women in rediscovering themselves.